My new life is starting now

Well worth it

I know alot of people are weary about becoming an LPN these days. They are getting phased out, not getting paid well, or whatever else crap you can come up with. I too didn’t want to an LPN program, I thought It wasn’t worth it. Boy was I wrong. I applied and got accepted into Gateway Community College LPN fast track program in Phoenix Arizona. It was a nine month program , with amazing clinical experience in great facilities . They taught us very well and got us very prepared for HESI, and NCLEX. I passed everything with flying colors.I am now eligable to transfer into third block of the RN program and finish fourth block there after. In the time I would of spent waiting on an RN program waiting list at this same college, I can have my RN. I took my NCLEX, and am now a state licensed LPN. I paid out of pocket for my education, book and and all. I am a single mother working two jobs. I got hired as a pediatric home health LPN making in the 90th percent of the national average LPN salary. Pretty darn good! In my first two paychecks I will get back every penny I put into my education.That seems worth it doesnt it? I have worked in the ER and hospitals for a long time, so i have experience, but nonetheless the LPN program has allowed to be secure a well paying job as a LPN, while working towards my RN. I will be an experienced nurse when i get my first RN job. I will know what I am doing, and how I am going to do it.I will be confident, skilled and desired.An LPN is a respected member of the healthcare team and we should remember that when we dress our confidence for the day . I am a success story, I am a single young mother who attained her LPN in 9 months, passed the NCLEX on the first try, secured a job I wanted ( got many calls for jobs I didn’t want) within two months, and will have a very well paying job while I am finishing my RN in 9 more months. Tell me that isn’t worth it…I deff recommend becoming an LPN prior to RN. I am a CNA, with phlebotomy and EKG certification, now I am a new grad LPN and soon will be an RN. Just the first of my life long career path. I want the old me to read this post..the old me who almost went to a 90k private college to avoid a 2 yr waiting list for the RN program. This route is just as fast, financially smart and well worth it.


Life goes on

We are now in Late July and life has gone on . Two of my classmates did 3rd block in the summer block, and the majority of the rest of them start August 27th for third block in the fall. So if your ready, have your hesi scores utd and ready to go, you can go into third block right after. I will be applying for third block in the spring due to life, and I am okay with that now. I’ve had some legal issues and can’t leave arizona until June of 2015, so I guess I am stuck here now.

In the last month I’ve applied for some LPN jobs, have gotten quite a bit of response back from Skilled nursing facilities, doctor offices, home health and even corrections. I have given careful though to where I want to work, what environment and I’ve decided and taken a job as a home health pediatric nurse. I am sad leaving my emergency room positions right now, but taking a leap of faith that this is where I need to be. The position is with a great pediatric company that I’ve always wanted to work with as an LPN. I am very blessed to have gotten the position I’ve wanted. The pay rate is good as well. I’ve looked up the average LPN rate in the nation, and I will be getting paid in the 90th % , I am satisfied with that.

Honesty time…. I am scared to be a nurse on my own. I am scared to be in charge of the daily life of a two yr old with chronic health issues. What if i get the medication mixed up, what if I don’t do the feeding pump correctly, or if I freak out with the trach/vent. I know I will be fine, I know I am competent to do such, but it still makes me nervous thinking about the responsibility I will be having. I’ve been around vents/trachs/feeding tubes for many years, and have been in life threatening positions with them and have been fine. But I’ve had my nurse close by, a call away…now I am the NURSE. I am the NURSE…….

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