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Mostly complaining…but very happy.

on April 3, 2014


A day in the life of a nursing student. I don’t think…NO; I know that unless you’ve been through nursing school…you have no idea what we go through. There is a big difference between just college, and nursing school program. Pre-nursing is nothing compared to the actual nursing program. This is a typical day for me…a single mom, working two jobs going to nursing school.

I wake at 0625 ( after going to sleep at 0200 from studying and working the night before) to turn the shower on for my sweet little boy who hates getting up at any time other then when he wants to. Shower, breakfast and out the door for both of us. BOTH OF US. I shower two people, get two sets of clothing ready, and get two backpacks ready to go to SCHOOL. I drop my boy off at his school, and I usually head out of town. Tuesdays I get to class by 1030, until about 4pm. I walk , well struggling to walk into class. Carrying my giant purse, my rolly bag ( Yes i finally invested, and recommend a big loud obnoxious bag on wheels), lab tote bag , lunch bag, and phone in hand. I’m hoping we are on the first level, and thankful that we usually are. God forbid the days we have class on the second floor of the giant building. The struggle is real getting up those steps , opening the door and throwing yourself in before the weighted door hits you. In class now for the next many hours. Where the teacher lectures over some body system, talks about drugs, and ways we can kill our patient if we aren’t careful . Yeap, we can kill patients easily! Isn’t that the encouragment we all needed. We watch boring, corny videos,and talk about lots and lots and lots of classmates real world experiecnes. Didn’t you want to know that your classmate next to you has hemmoroids . Depending on whcih isntructor we have, we may take three or four bathroom breaks, which just prolongs the torture even more. Then of coruset heres always the classmates who bring preztels, celery and carrot sticks to snack on in class, in the quite classroom we are all sitting in. You sound and look like a horse..STOP IT! Hopefully its not one of the weeks where we have an exam every day we are in class. Exam days are ROUGH. There is so much anxiety, and people are chatting enedless about howt hey didnt have enough time tos tudy, and they didn’t know there was an exam today, or they didn’t know the material or they just were too tiredt o study. We all have excuses, and I hear the same ones OVER AND OVER each exam day. Before the exam everyone is asking everyone else questions…what about this…should we do this for this patient..should we not do this for this kind of disease, what medicine should we give, did you read this or that. It goes on and on. Then the teacher comes in and everyoen floods her with questions. FInally its test time. I am a weird variety, i love takign exams and seeing progress. I get excited. Teacher makes us clear the desk, yes even your water bottle. Exams and scan trons are given out…upside down. YOU CANT LOOK AT IT UNTIL EVERYONE HAS ONE. NO CHEATING. NO BRAIN DUMPING.Everyone is still whispering at this point. Then the teacher writes how long we have on the board and every flips there paper over. Now its a race to the finish. Me, personally i start at the back of the exam and work my way up, again i stress..I am a weird variety. Exams usually are about an hour too long! Then again it takes me ten minutes to do my exam and then im just wasting time. Once your done with this stressful exam you go outsidet he room…where another mass panic goes down. Everyone is asking everyone what they got on so and so answer. Phones are out, google is running and everyones a talking. But there wasn’t any of “this” on the exam. She told us to study this but didn’t put it on there. That test was so hard, i was unprepaired, next time i ll do better. It goes ON AND ON. THEN…….another flocking frenzy. We all go in and the teacher has the answer key taped on the walls. There are thirty students in my class. Everyone fights to see the answers…everyones whispering and using fingers to count how many they got wrong. You’ll hear the occasional damn it..o no…or YES! Yes is magical to hear after exams. So after everyone is done stampeding over each other we get ANOTHER break. Where again…everyone is complaining and going over the exam. MOVE ON…FORGET ABOUT IT. ITS DONE! Then we go back to class and listen to the drooning of the lecture on the next topic we wil be examed on next week ( 7 days away). But everyones mind is ont he exam they just failed, or the questions they just got wrong to even pay attention to the instructotr and what she is saying. After another few long breaks its time to go. Go where you ask? To work! Atleast for me taht is. I am expected at work thirty minutes after I leave class. So i go from mom to nursing student to emergency department tech. Now for the next 8 hours I am listening to and usually making babies cry. The next 8 hours I am poking kids, listening to parents complain or cry and running around grabbing whatever supply the doctor forgot to have me get the last four times i was in the supply room.When Im not running around busy, I am sitting at my computer at work with my giant text book open going over the stuff for the next exam. Youtube is always on , on my work computer. Its amazing what i learn from y outube in five minutes that i didn’t get from the isntructor in the 8 hours i was at school. Kid comes in with a possibly anaphalactic allergic reaction…BUT IM DOING A TIMED EXAM RIGHT NOW. I can’t leave my desk. Fine ill go put him on pusle ox he likes fine. Let me finish my TIMED exam…but you want to know what his blood pressure is? FINE! Role conflict to the fullest. The double cheeseburger i got on my way from school to work is now digested and im starving . Dominoes ordered to work again..PERFECT. Who has time to cook at home …NOT ME. Okay its 11 at night time to drive an hour home. Drive an hour home to shower ( yes you have to shower again after that dirty day). Okay it’s midnight, i can quickly do one side of my study page before 130, as long as i am asleep by 2am I will be okay. Just to start it all over again in a few short hours. Mom..nursing student….employed healthcare worker….Mom. When do i get me time? Well thats in the ten minutes I have timed ( yes i set a ten minute timer when i’m in the shower, as to not accidently waste time) in the shower. My time completely revolves around school, studying, working, and spending time with my six year old so he doesn’t forget who i am. I spend more time doing stuff ( work and school) to ensure he has everything he wants. Even though i don’t have time to spend with him he will have whatever he wants or needs. On the days I am off , i spend with him..but as soon as he’s in bed, guess what i am doing..studying. Every once in a while I go grocery shopping and do laundry. Grocery shopping is actually a highlight in my life, its peaceful and quality time i get to spend doing something i want to do. Nursing school is every bit as hard and time consuming as everyone says it is. Its traumatic and time consuming. Did i mention the time consuming part? But if you want it bad, and its there a will…theres a way. Its a short term sacrifice for a long term benefit. For X amount of year, yes YEARS you will see your classmates more than you will see your family. Nursing school will kick your butt in ways you couldn’t imagine..buts its an amazing journey that i am completely in love with and am so thankful to be able to do by God’s amazing grace. I am proud to be a student nurse and I can’t WAIT to do more.


3 responses to “Mostly complaining…but very happy.

  1. Fatimoh says:

    I love your blog and I appreciate you for doing this . You have motivated me to apply to gateway Lpn program ! I will be taking my hesi this week !

  2. Jasmine McCray says:

    Reading your blog has encouraged me to go back for my CNA, and also go for my lpn. I am wanting to take it one step at a time. My sons name is also Christian. Thank you for making this blog. Also, a single mom wanting better for my son.

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