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Nclex is coming up

I am a month and two weeks away from taking my final exam in my LPN program. We will be taking the hesi exit in a month and God willing the NCLEX pn in two months tops.


* You can apply for and pay the $300 fee to the state board of nursing within two months of expected graduation

    Its a good idea to head over to the state board of nursing and make sure you have the requirements to even APPLY. For instance all names on your identifications must match exactly. Its good to just look over the application…get yourself comfortable.

*You can apply to the Pearson VUE a month prior to graduation. Pearson VUE is the actual NCLEX peeps who give the exam.Cost of that exam is $200

Just a few reminders

 The NCLEX PN is 85-205 questions and you will have five hours to finish it.In those five hours you will have two scheduled breaks ( optional though) and can take as many breaks as you’d like. Just remember breaks count agaisnt your time.The preliminary test results of pass or fail are available in about 48hours give or take.


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Week 12

We are now ending week 12 of the block two fast track lpn program. I unfortunately haven’t had much time to update on here and I apologize. Life has been completely crazy and my time has been completely taken up with responsibilities. We have covered the cardiac system which was quiz one. That was supposed to be the hardest quiz of the semester per instructor and other students. Quiz two was on the respiratory quiz and that was okay. I was super confident on that quiz, but that was the only one I’ve done kinda bad on. O well, on to the next. Quiz three was on fluids/electrolytes/hem/lymphatic system, a lot of students had difficulty with that one, more so then the cardiac. I did phenomenal on that one. Quiz four is coming up and will be the first day of week 13. Quiz four will be on the Nuero system and neurologic stuff. We have six exams coming up in four weeks. One exam a week, and two weeks we have two exams. We then have our HESI one week, and our final the week after that.  I just finished studying for that. Class has been moving along. Tuesdays are still our lecture day. Our instructor has been Suzi and she is fantastic, highly personable and really makes the connection with us. Lecture days are optional. In the sense that it won’t count against you if you don’t show up haven’t gone to a few, as I do better with self-studying and self-teaching. Thursdays are lab day and mandatory. Remember lab is clinical hours and missing those will get you out of the program. Week 8,9,10 we had simulation lab from 8am to 4pm. On those days we had Jeri and then our pediatric instructor; Cheryl. Both are FANSTASTIC. Jeri really loves what she does and it shows, she’s very positive and open. Cheryl is the same! We don’t have any more simulation lab days. Today is an online hybrid day were we do our stuff independently, there is no structured class to go to. They (instructors) post our assignments and learning potentials on canvas and we work on our own. It has to be done prior to our exam (next Tuesday). At this point we have ELEVEN more days until our FINAL.

Clinicals have been kicking my butt. I will save the negative stuff for a separate post as I feel its a lot to talk about and I will be airing it all out. We had three pediatric clinical days at local elementary schools. That was enough. We went during school hours and hung out with the school nurse. Our big project of that was to do a presentation to a class regarding a health topic. My partner and I did diabetes to a special needs class. The teachers appreciated it and the kids did wonderful.  Yesterday I finished my 6th day of med/surg clinical at Maricopa Integrated health systems. I will solely say that the hospital itself is amazing, and the staff is great. They really have phenomenal patient care and a great system going. The patient load is low across the board for both techs and nurses. There are three clinical groups. One has been doing the VA on the floor the entire time, im not too sure what their experience has been. The second did a mix up. The first half they were at the outpatient clinic at the va. From what I heard there they had great time and learned and saw A LOT! There was many opportunities for learning and doing at the outpatient clinics. Everyone got their IVS they needed and did so much. Again I will post a completely separate post on my clinical experience/instructor/ and advice.

Last week (week 11) was spring break. We were out for the entire week and enjoying ourselves. This is week 12 and we have 7 weeks left of the block. Week 18 we are scheduled to take our HESI exit exam. This grade can help get you into block three. You will need to score an 850 or higher which is super easy! Just study!! Week 18 only has one day with that hesi. Week 19 we take our final on Tuesday and graduation is scheduled for Friday. Somewhere around there we will have the opportunity to do a three day NCLEX review that is provided to us by the school. It normally cost a few hundred dollars but the school is waiving it (paying for us) to attend. I will definitely be doing that. Jeri has said that the day of the final on May 8th she will be accepting out applications for block three and they will be accepted on first come first serve, after the test scores that are needed are achieved. I have decided I am not applying for a block three in the summer, but will do a block three in the fall God willing.

Block two has been moving right along. We have not lost any one in the class, and it seems ( as I pick up on) that the stress level is not very high with everyone. We are doing great, and will be graduating very soon! So far the program has been great, I’ve been learning and retaining a lot and am excited to march on! 

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