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Week 6

Finishing week six of block two. We’ve been busy in class and lab with many things. Week 5 we took our first exam , it was on the cardiac system.We were forewarned this would be the hardest exam of the semester. Overall as a class we did good, and i was very happy with my own score. 

In the lab we’ve gone over IV starts, venipuncture, chest tubes, trach and trach care. We are going to have our lab final next week on Thursday (week 7)  Our class is divided into three groups. The three groups do clinicals at different times and different places. One group is at the VA clinics on Monday, the other is at the VA on Wednesday and the other (mine ) is at Maricopa Integrated Health on Wednesdays. We all started on different times, so groups one and two have already gone to the VA multiple times, and have finished the pediatric rotation. Where as our group started late, we just started this week at Maricopa, and will be starting our peds next week. We only do three weeks of pediatrics as an LPN, but come third block RN we do alot more. The other students have all gotten many successful IVs and other procedures which is great! For our first day at clinical yesterday we toured the hospital and met alot of the staff. We went to the burn center and the manager was VERY helpful and informative. We went to the burn ICU, saw soem patients, as well as the ED. In the ED we were able to go into the trauma bay, and watch an intubation, as well as a few of us helped with an EKG. Our group will be divided between the burn center, ed, surgical icu and oncology. Next week we will be given our assignments and split with the working nurses. The staff at maricopa were so nice, and encouraging. I look forward to learning so much from there. 

 In the classroom we now move very fast. Next week (7) we have pediatric clinical on Monday for 8 hours at an elementary school, Tuesday we have our respiratory exam, Wednesday we have our 12 hour clinicals at Maricopa, and Thursday is our final lab exam. For a while to come we will be having two days of clinicals, two exams a week and it only gets tougher. We have our HESI exit, and NCLEX to study for as well as applying for third block . God willing we will be able to get into third block in the summer, and fourth block in the fall as to graduate in December with our RN. 

I find second block is so much easier, i understand what to expect and don’t stress. It’s flying by, the information we are getting is incredible and the staff here at Gateway is amazing. 

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