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Well worth it

on July 27, 2014

I know alot of people are weary about becoming an LPN these days. They are getting phased out, not getting paid well, or whatever else crap you can come up with. I too didn’t want to an LPN program, I thought It wasn’t worth it. Boy was I wrong. I applied and got accepted into Gateway Community College LPN fast track program in Phoenix Arizona. It was a nine month program , with amazing clinical experience in great facilities . They taught us very well and got us very prepared for HESI, and NCLEX. I passed everything with flying colors.I am now eligable to transfer into third block of the RN program and finish fourth block there after. In the time I would of spent waiting on an RN program waiting list at this same college, I can have my RN. I took my NCLEX, and am now a state licensed LPN. I paid out of pocket for my education, book and and all. I am a single mother working two jobs. I got hired as a pediatric home health LPN making in the 90th percent of the national average LPN salary. Pretty darn good! In my first two paychecks I will get back every penny I put into my education.That seems worth it doesnt it? I have worked in the ER and hospitals for a long time, so i have experience, but nonetheless the LPN program has allowed to be secure a well paying job as a LPN, while working towards my RN. I will be an experienced nurse when i get my first RN job. I will know what I am doing, and how I am going to do it.I will be confident, skilled and desired.An LPN is a respected member of the healthcare team and we should remember that when we dress our confidence for the day . I am a success story, I am a single young mother who attained her LPN in 9 months, passed the NCLEX on the first try, secured a job I wanted ( got many calls for jobs I didn’t want) within two months, and will have a very well paying job while I am finishing my RN in 9 more months. Tell me that isn’t worth it…I deff recommend becoming an LPN prior to RN. I am a CNA, with phlebotomy and EKG certification, now I am a new grad LPN and soon will be an RN. Just the first of my life long career path. I want the old me to read this post..the old me who almost went to a 90k private college to avoid a 2 yr waiting list for the RN program. This route is just as fast, financially smart and well worth it.

2 responses to “Well worth it

  1. snootus0722 says:

    Love it! Your excitement and confidence are infectious. I have book marked your thread and refer to it often. I am starting my LPN program in 4 weeks. I cannot not lie, I’m scared and ready to get this thing started. Congrats!! you should be proud. šŸ™‚

  2. Cameka says:

    Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!
    Thank you for sharing. Your story has really inspired me!
    Keep Up the Good Work, and Much success on your journey.

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