My new life is starting now

Life goes on

on July 25, 2014

We are now in Late July and life has gone on . Two of my classmates did 3rd block in the summer block, and the majority of the rest of them start August 27th for third block in the fall. So if your ready, have your hesi scores utd and ready to go, you can go into third block right after. I will be applying for third block in the spring due to life, and I am okay with that now. I’ve had some legal issues and can’t leave arizona until June of 2015, so I guess I am stuck here now.

In the last month I’ve applied for some LPN jobs, have gotten quite a bit of response back from Skilled nursing facilities, doctor offices, home health and even corrections. I have given careful though to where I want to work, what environment and I’ve decided and taken a job as a home health pediatric nurse. I am sad leaving my emergency room positions right now, but taking a leap of faith that this is where I need to be. The position is with a great pediatric company that I’ve always wanted to work with as an LPN. I am very blessed to have gotten the position I’ve wanted. The pay rate is good as well. I’ve looked up the average LPN rate in the nation, and I will be getting paid in the 90th % , I am satisfied with that.

Honesty time…. I am scared to be a nurse on my own. I am scared to be in charge of the daily life of a two yr old with chronic health issues. What if i get the medication mixed up, what if I don’t do the feeding pump correctly, or if I freak out with the trach/vent. I know I will be fine, I know I am competent to do such, but it still makes me nervous thinking about the responsibility I will be having. I’ve been around vents/trachs/feeding tubes for many years, and have been in life threatening positions with them and have been fine. But I’ve had my nurse close by, a call away…now I am the NURSE. I am the NURSE…….

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