My new life is starting now


I took my NCLEX, and passed. My experience was pretty positive. I had 85 questions, as well as three other people in my class. Our college has a 98% first time NCLEX pass rate which was reassuring. I used the Saunders NCLEX study guide, as well as the study guide I got from our NCLEX live review . I had ZERO medication math, Zero regarding lab values, about 12 SATA, two drag to order, zero diagrams, and a ton , ton of education and delegation..assigning to UAP. My appointment was a 2pm, I got in at 1pm after they scanned my fingerprints/palms. And I was out and walking out by 2.07pm. I checked the “trick” to try to resign up for the exam, and it told me I couldn’t due to recently signing up for it. I woke up the next day, and by 8:04 AM my license was up on the AZ BON website , and stated I had passed my NCLEX PN. Super easy, don’t freak yourself out about it. I didn’t start studying until four days prior, and the day of I just read over the 33 page study guide I previously posted the link for. Dress comfy, I came in a sweatshirt and jeans. It got to be a little toasty after, but when I am nervous I get cold so it was okay. The morning of the test I went to the movies with my son and our friends, then I went to dunkin donuts , had tea and donuts before heading to the testing center. Our testing center let me in right away even an hour before my appointment. I put my purse in a locker, and my cell phone in a locked bag which also went into the locker. After the fingerprints/palm prints I went to another desk that was right outside the actual computer lab we used. There she rechecked my palm prints, checked my wrists/arms/pockets for any cheating material. She gave me a white board with a marker, and ear plugs . Explained the rules, and emphasized for me to raise my hand when i needed anything. Then i got to the computer and she signed me on. I did a practice thing that was like 8 questions long, then my test started.There were headphones that i placed on top of my earbuds to help me focus. As stated above i had no lab values, no electrolyte questions, no medication math , no heart/lung sounds or anything else that they really drilled into us in nursing school. I thought it was okay, just don’t stress over it, stay busy to keep your mind off it. If you’ve gotten to the point of taking the NCLEX (Passing nursing school), then you will be successful . You got this!!

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