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Block Two Clnicals

on May 25, 2014

My block two clinicals were phenomenal . We did 8 weeks at a local hospital for twelve hours, once a week . We were able to do everything except for blood products, PICC lines, and push meds directly through the IV. We were able to start IVS, do blood draws, do EKG, give meds, trach care, central line dressing changes, dressing changes in general, catheters, NG tubes, and everything else nurses do. My class mates were broken up, two to each section. We went to various places such L&D, NICU, PICU, the burn Center, surgery, the ER, regular med/surg floor, oncology, ICU, and gosh Just about it all. My day in surgery was in the Burn OR with the burn center patients . Out of the entire LPN nursing school going to the burn OR was the first time I saw something new, and something I was just amazed by. In my entire medical career I have never been inside the OR while an active surgery was going on, so it deff was super interesting to see and be there for. It was interesting to see how they prep the patient,and how the multiple medical teams are there such as respiratory,anesthesia, the attending, students, nurses, and regular docs. They had pandora going, and the mood was very relaxed and I thoroughly enjoyed it.Besides all the medical floors and stuff the only other thing I found kind of interesting was going to endoscopy for the day. I started IVS all day, and watched a few endo procedures such as colonoscopies and endoscopies. Four our LPN program we had to have a minimum of five successful IV starts to pass the course. In endoscopy alone I got my minimum and plenty more.

As stated above the rules for block two were we couldn’t do any blood products, chemo, push IV meds directly, or  mess with PICC lines. We also had to have our instructor with us for the first time we did ANYTHING, and once she was comfortable with us being independent we were able to do stuff at the discretion of the nurse we were following.We are not allowed per the state board of nursing to give push IV meds. That means we can’t give meds directly into the IV such as morphine or zofran. We can hang meds that are premixed from pharmacy , fluids and such, just no IV push meds. The best experience I had was with a nurse who let me do everything the entire day from start to finish and she was there to verbally guide me and reassure me. I really enjoyed that. That specific day was on medical oncology unit, and was just fantastic to do what a nurse does the entire day.  The bad day was when I had a nurse who didn’t want to be bothered by a nursing student and didn’t let me do too much stuff.If we do something without letting our instructor know the first time..we can get in serious trouble with the potential to get kicked out of the program.

We did a few days in the women, infant services section. I was in post par tum /couplet care. My classmates went to NICU, L&D as well as post par tum as well. A few saw some  deliveries and cool stuff. The two highlights of my L&D was going around with the lactation consultant and learning her tricks, and seeing how she helps the women and babies establish positive breastfeeding routines. The other highlight was shadowing a pediatrician doing his rounds on the newborns and what to look for in words of anomalies. He told me some tricks and good advice as i continue my way into the pediatric nursing world.

From block one to two the only differences of our allowed compentencies was Phlebotomy, IV , trach and central lines. Block one of course was slower and we didn’t get opportunity for much simply because we were in a long term care facility and the skills just weren’t there. Block two I had a clinical instructor from HELL, who made my entire time at the hospital HELL, and made my life HELL,. I cried driving home after her, and wanted to quite nursing school at gateway because of her. She was a rude, spiteful, God forsaken fucking  bitch . Besides her I really loved my second block clinicals and the experiences I got to participate in. I learned more in block two than i did in block one, and retained so much due to the clinical experiences.


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