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A good NCLEX review/study guide

on May 25, 2014…7&d=1310076980 

This is 35 pages of review. Print off, and read in your spare time, I truly find it beneficial. I haven’t taken my NCLEX yet, but have used it to pass my HESI, and practice exams.


3 responses to “A good NCLEX review/study guide

  1. luvcruedani says:

    I just read your whole blog. I am considering taking the LPN fast track at Gateway after I get my CNA certificate. Your blog really helped me get good insight on the program! Good luck on your test!

    • startingnw says:

      If you don’t already have your CNA certificate I HIGHLY suggest looking into gateways new program .Its a PCT to LPN to RN program. you take the PCT program through maricopa skills center….and then you get GUARANTEED admission into the LPN program immediately after..then you are eligable for advance placement into third block. Im glad my blog was of help to you.

      • luvcruedani says:

        Oh wow I didn’t even know that was available. I’m will have to look at that. I was going to take the CNA course through AZ Medical Institute but if I can do it all in Gateway that would be great especially if I don’t have to wait to get to the LPN program. Thank you soo much!! 😊

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