My new life is starting now

Finishing up

on May 14, 2014

Second week of May, one week post last day of class. We had our pinning ceremony last Friday, and it was very nice. It incorporated the entire nursing class of RN’s and LPNs. This week we had two (8 ) hour days of live NCLEX review. The school pays for us to attend this class, its not mandatory but its helpful. We received NCLEX PN review books that will be a good study guide to help us. I know three students in our class got offered and accepted summer third block RN spots, a they start next week. I am hoping to get in , in the fall. So far noone has gotten the ATT letter or email from Pearson. That is the Authorization To Test email/letter is sent from pearson and gives us a code and dates to test for the NCLEX.

I turned my application to the state board of nursing On Tuesday May 6th, and today the 13th I come up  on the state board website (online verfication ) It also states my fingerprints are on file as of today May 13th. So now all I am waiting on for complete Arizona state board of licensure is to pass the actual NCLEX. I do plan on taking the NCLEX asap, as soon as I get my letter to test, I will be signing up and taking the exam. Its very exciting to look up LPN jobs and the future opportunities for us. God willing this time next year I will be looking up RN jobs. Again I stress that the LPN program has been wonderful, besides block two’s issues with my horrible clinical instructor, I have loved the program and learned so much . I am confident to take my NCLEX, and confident to become a prudent and capable nurse.  


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