My new life is starting now


on April 29, 2014


I just finished my HESI PN exit. It was definately not as bad as I thought, and I passed pretty well.The exam is off the evolve website, the teacher will give you instructions to log on. We were all in a computer room, and were allowed to bring a drink . I also recommend bringing your own headphones as there are questions you will need it to hear the question, and will have to use a random pair the school provides…and who knows what was in your classmates ears prior. The exam itself is 110 questions and you are given two hours and 45 minutes to complete it. Upon completion it will give you your score overall and it will then allow you to review your rationales. I finished the exam in 40 minutes, with plenty of time to spare. Most of my classmates that i know of did well, and I can only hope everyone did well. Today we were allowed to turn in our block three applications for advanced placement into the RN block three program.We should know in the next few days who is getting in and such. It is said that the HESI exit is a predictor for the NCELX. If you can score an 850 or higher on the HESI you should be able to pass the NCLEX the first time. I used multiple various NCLEX review books to study..and that is what I will use to study for the NCLEX as well.

>950 – OUTSTANDING probability of passing
900-940 – EXCELLENT probability of passing
850-899 – AVERAGE probability of passing
800-849 – BELOW AVERAGE probability of passing
750-799 – Additional preparation needed
700-749 – Serious preparation needed
650-699 – Grave danger of failing
<649 – Poor performance expected.


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