My new life is starting now

Week 15

We are in week 15 of the second block. We did exam 8 on Tuesday, and this thursday will be an online day. It wasn’t suppose to be an online day but due to the teacher having some home issues we are doing it online. We started our short stent on Pediatrics this Tuesday. Pediatrics is my favorite , my passion. We have an exam next Thursday, then the HESI exit next week, and the final exam the week after. I look forward to being done! The HESI exit is on the fifth and they will be taking our application for advance placement at that time and hopefully placing us within the month. I am super excited. I won’t be turning my application in at that time due to some life issues, But nonetheless they are taking our apps and hopefully placing my class mates that will be going into third block in the fall. The next stage of our journey. As I’ve stated in earlier posts, the school pays for us to attend a NCLEX live review for two days, and we just got the dates for that finally. May 12 and May 13th from 9am to 4pm and it will help us pass the NCLEX. They have a 99.78 pass rate and money back guarantee. Even though we wont be paying for it , but still that shows how confident they are in their work. Ill be taking my NCLEX in June and I will be PASSING THE FIRST TIME. So far we haven’t lost any more of our day cohort students. Total we have lost 7, six the first round and one the second block. 

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