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Nclex is coming up

on March 24, 2014

I am a month and two weeks away from taking my final exam in my LPN program. We will be taking the hesi exit in a month and God willing the NCLEX pn in two months tops.


* You can apply for and pay the $300 fee to the state board of nursing within two months of expected graduation

    Its a good idea to head over to the state board of nursing and make sure you have the requirements to even APPLY. For instance all names on your identifications must match exactly. Its good to just look over the application…get yourself comfortable.

*You can apply to the Pearson VUE a month prior to graduation. Pearson VUE is the actual NCLEX peeps who give the exam.Cost of that exam is $200

Just a few reminders

 The NCLEX PN is 85-205 questions and you will have five hours to finish it.In those five hours you will have two scheduled breaks ( optional though) and can take as many breaks as you’d like. Just remember breaks count agaisnt your time.The preliminary test results of pass or fail are available in about 48hours give or take.



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