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NCLEX info

on January 8, 2014


Yesterday in class while we were going over a very boring topic I played on the state board of nursing website. I clicked on the NCLEX link that is under Education and read some pretty good stuff.

First off proud to say that since 2011 ( The last year they have on the website) only ONE person has failed the NCLEX out of Gateway Community College. That i must say is impressive and gives me hope. 

Also they have NCLEX test plans on the website. Its a broad outline of whats on the exam, what topics and what percentage of questions pertain to what. They also have a few practice questions on there.

So some recommendations for the Nclex

They say to take an NCLEX review course,

      Well im excited to say that at Gateway we have the option of attending a two day NCLEX review course for FREE.It is offered through Elsevior the maker of the nursing books, and the college pays for it, for us.

They also recommend working in healthcare to see the nursing process.

  I got that under my wing! Hope it helps 🙂

The PN nclex exam contains roughly 85-205 questions and you have five hours to complete it. Within those five hours you can take breaks, you will have two prescheduled breaks. Everyone misses atleast half the questions, the test is designed to work that way. After the student misses fifty percent of the questions the exam will adjust according to the test taker. The machine will stop administering questions when the computer is 95% sure that the test taker is either way above the passing rate, or way below the passing rate. You can review your NCLEX exam for a fee of $ 400. Whoa!! Also I was interested to read that you can take the NCLEX as many times as you’d like in the state of Arizona, you just have to pay a 100$ retaking fee along with the 200$ exam fee. And, if you fail the RN NCLEX, you can take the PN NCLEX if you’d like. I also read that you can have ear plugs which i will need! You cannot bring your own in though, as they will be provided for you.  They have a strict no “brain dumping” policy. You can’t just write stuff on the white board you are given. I will have to work on that, because I usually write numbers or such down. 

I should be taking my first NCLEX  (pn) this June. Then God willing I will be taking my NCLEX RN the following June. I am not too stressed about it, just excited to be able to! I’ve never failed an important test and don’t plan to start now! 


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