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Block Two

on January 4, 2014

I am so very excited to say I am now in block two. I survived block one. I can’t say all my classmates were as fortunate. We lost a total of six from our block one class, which equals to 20% of our class, very sad as most of those i considered friends, had every ability to be phenomenal nurses and were great people.Our block two class started at 25, then they added three from last block two that failed and are retaking block two.  Block two is med/surg, peds, and OB for us. We take our final the 9th of May, at which time she will ( assistant director of the nursing program) be also accepting out block three advance placement applications.Last semester everyone who qualified to get into third block and applied…got in. They even have empty third block seats this semester. There’s also a possibility they will open an accelerated summer block three, so i could potentially graduate with my RN December 2014. We take the Hesi PN roughly the week after finals, which will give us an idea of how prepared we are for the NCLEX. Gateway community college had a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX last semester. That is  reassuring. Then our pinning and LPN graduation is May 30th. 

 First day was an 8 hour day. We went over the basics, what to expect and such. We then went into M.A.T.H. Handed a three page pamphlet to see how we were on our medication math calculation. I got them ALL right. That was such a positive experience for me as last semester i FAILED the first medication math quiz. After we went over the old medication math we jumped into IV medication dosing and numbers. That was actually not too bad. We talked extensively about IV therapy and venipuncture. What the state board allows of LPNS to do and management of the IV therapy. We only need FIVE successful IV sticks to get our LPN lisence. That is per the state board of education. I think that is an awful low number!! When i did my phlebotomy class we had to have 100 successful venipunctures. There’s a big difference huh? Thanks to my 16 week phlebotomy course and clinicals, along with my current job which includes venipunctures, I am confident in my needle sticks…but that’s not everyones’ point of view. Day two we did more on venipuncture and IV therapy. We practiced our venipuntures on the hand dummys and practiced setting out IVs by the drip system. I must say its tedious to counts drops per minute. I’ve always wondered how nurses figured out drip rates and such, and was relieved to find its pretty easy. Just a few easy formulas to remember. Bring on the real stuff! 

For block one we needed roughly 275 in points to attain our passing grade. This time we need 272. Our point system is broken down to the following

 195 points for our proctored exams 

15 points for our HESI PN

90 points for our Comprehensive theory final exam

25 points for our comprehensive lab final. 

The Hesi PN will be comprehensive from block one, block two and CNA care. As the prereq for becoming an LPN is having your CNA license. There is homework and other stuff such as clinical grades, but those are counted in our final grade. Its either pass or fail for those with no set numbers or grades to them.

 We have eight weeks of med/surg clinicals. I am at Maricopa Integrated Health systems for that. Apparently which is refreshing, MIHS has a partnership with MCC so we have priority to going there over any nursing program in the valley. The other option for that was the VA. Which we are second on the totem pole , second to ASU. Then for OB we have two weeks of clinical for that. I am MIHS as well for that. The alternative for that was Arrowhead or the VA. Then for peds we have no idea where we are going or what we are doing. We also have a 4 hour alternative clinical assignment that is our responsibility to find placement for. So you can shadow at hospital if they will let you. But you are not a student, or anything, you are simply shadowing and learning what nurses do. Well since I have plenty of experience in knowing what a nurse does in the hospital I am probably going to go to a conference or such.

 Our first exam is January 28th. It is worth 30 points and covers the cardio system. Per prior students and the teacher, it is the HARDEST exam of block two and usually results in the lowest grades overall out of all the exams. Challenge accepted! I will do GREAT on it. I WILL study my ass of. I WILL pass this exam and i WILL do good. 

Block two we will have three instructors total. Three great instructors. I don’t look forward to working with my clinical instructor but will be okay. She has a reputation for being ………….a witch. Other then that i expect block two to be an amazing expericen all around such as block one was. I am very excited to graduate as a nurse very soon. Bring it block two! 




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