My new life is starting now

First block DONE

on December 16, 2013

Eighteen weeks later we are done with first block. We’ve lost three people ( that I know of) from our day cohort unfortunately. That happens though, its known that not everyone that starts, will finish. I am so relieved to be done with the first semester and smoothly moving on. We get three weeks vacation, from December 10th until January 2nd. Block two will be med/surg , pediatrics ( I look forward to it) and OB. We will be using the same books from last semester, sparing us hundreds of more dollars. Adding to the excitement is the fact we have our clinical assignments already. I will be going to Maricopa Integrated Health care..otherwise known as COUNTY. With only stating COUNTY, you can imagine what fun that will be,and what we will get to see.

The major thing I’ve learned in block one is that stressing gets you nowhere. I’ve learned the flow of exams, and what to expect. With the experience comes a sense of peacefulness. I’ve learned that if you pay attention in lecture, ( I didn’t go to many lectures btw) , if you practice NCLEX questions pertaining to the subject being tested, and study you will pass. But you have to put a little effort in. I promise though its very accomplish-able. I want to  state that I am a single mom, work two jobs, and am full-time in two community colleges, and I was still able to spend time studying, working, and tend to home life along with having a social life with my son. Youtube is a great study guide, many people present things differently and hearing/seeing from anothers point of view can help ( it did me), google NCLEX questions in the area you are being tested on (prenhall had very good ones with rationales). 

I am still in awe that I am finally doing what I’ve wanted to do for so long..nursing school. The last 18 weeks have gone by SO fast, its incredible. Heres to block TWO! 


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