My new life is starting now

Week 13

on November 10, 2013

We face week 13 ahead. We now have two more exams and a final, and three more weeks of clinicals. I embraced the clinical setting as much as i could, but didn’t really enjoy it too much. I learned a little, but not enough to feel fulfilled. I look forward to new and different things. We are now on with a different instructor as well, this makes the third so far this semester. I don’t really like that, and don’t like we have different versions of testing and such to change with .

On an exciting note, so we all know this is the LPN program . Two semesters then you qualify to get into block three, and finish the last two semesters to graduate with an RN. I orginally chose this program to avoid the almost four year wait to get into the RN program directly throught eh community college. I waited one semester to get into the LPN, and some people didn’t wait at all. You aren’t gaurenteed to get into third block, but if you test well  you should get in. They said that last two semesters noone who wanted and was ready to get into third block, was denied and they all got in rigth away. Well in class on thursday they asked us who all was interested into going directly into third block because if they have enough people who are interested they will open a third block JUST FOR US! I am super excited about that, itd be great. My goal,and a very attainable goal is to get my Associates in nursing debt free. If i continue throught the community college to get my rn I will continue to be able to pay out of pocket and gradute without having to owe anyone …anything. I will obviously jump directly into a BSN program, but my goal for that is the have my employer pay for it! God willing I will be able to follow my plan . If they open this third block for us, it would be a Godsent blessing.

Other then that life is going well. We just examed on the musculoskeletal system and on the endocrine now. I’ve gotten into a nice flow of things, and honestly can say Im not stressing anymore. My grade is high enough I can sail right through, and i feel i now know what to study and what to expect on the exams. We are done with case studies for the semester as well, i turned my last one in two weeks early as i just wanted to be done with it.


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