My new life is starting now


on November 10, 2013

Just want to touch base on the clinical expeireance, and offer some advice. For us clinicals is twelve long hours. We are partnered up and go from there. We are assigned nurses and hallways. Make the best of it, even if you are a nursign student your priority is still patient care so do a littel CNA work. Don’t be too proud to help the CNAS. Most of us are CNAS now during nursing school so we know how it feels to be completely over loaded with work. Nothing makes our shift go by faster then getting HELP.  As for us , we arrive at 545am and leave at 615pm. Get a good nights rest PLEASE! I am not able to sleep more then three hours before this as my work schedule doens’t allow it, but my day would go by so much better if i had more sleep. Second please eat breakfast, get a coffee, get something in your belly. Pack a lunch, a large lunch with snacks . We go out for lunch, but there are still opportunities your going to want to take to have snacks and just a bite to eat. As for us we have a skills check list that we need to work through, opportunities to get things signed off when our isnructor watches us do. I have found its best to have the instructors cell phone number, and I simply text her when and what I will be doing, and that way she will simply be there at that time, you don’t have to waste any time searching for her. Theres alot of students, a large building and lots of bodies….make it easier on yourself.

Some supplies you shall need. Pens, black, red and a pretty color ( for notes). Of course a good stethescope is necessary . Along with a pen light ( yes you will actually use this). I had a patient fall, and needed neuro checks for a while…that pen light would of come in hand; I used my phone light, but the pen would of been much better. You will need scissors. Might as well invest in a good pair of trauma shears. You will need to cut packages open, cut dressings off and such.  Of course a good watch with a second hand is invaluable. The most important thing to take to clinicals with you is a good pair of nursing shoes!!!!! Your feet will thank you. Might want to get some pressure stockings as well to help with vericose veins.

There will be some downtime, if your not busy doing nursing stuff, or care plans you should bring some busy work that you can do to look busy. I suggest note cards for an upcoming exam or such. You can just stand in the corner somewhere and look at your note cards.

Keep a positive additude, help out when  you can, offer to help anyone at anytime and always take the opportunity to learn something new or do something. I personally will go through the orders for the day and see what would be good to do, ask the nurses if they will save it for me..and tell my instructor about it. Clinicals is a good learning expierance, the time will drag while you are there for the day..but the weeks will fly by. Embrace it.


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