My new life is starting now

Week 12

on November 2, 2013

We are ending week twelve and anticipating week thirteen. We now have FOUR more weeks of clinicals and 5 and ahalf weeks of class left. We have three more exams and one final left. Time is going by so fast and I am loving it. I cannot wait to get the first block under my belt. For me all is going well, my grade is floating where I am happy with it, and the stress level is really minute. 

We had our first online hybrid day. Instead of going to lecture we just worked from home. We had six case studies to do on evolve on mental health. I got them done early so i was able to just relax that day.  On thursday we had an exam on mental health, I missed that was fair. This coming up week we have another hybrid day from home, and a quiz on Thursday.  The quiz on thursday will be on the musculoskeletal system/drugs/and all that stuff. Next week will be endocrine that will be fun!

Clinicals is going well. I am getting checked off on many things, my paper is coming along great.  This past week I had a bit of a problem with the insutrctor and me. I am very unrecptive to some thing, example I am right handed but have always used my left hand as my primary when it comes to procedures . I dont know why my body works that way, but in the field at work when I am cathing patients I always stand on my left, and have my way of setting things up, i am not open to changing my ways on that. She was pressing me to use my dominant hand and set up a different way…but I ya know :).  I am excited to finish clinicals and move on. Next semester we are going to either the VA or Maricopa Health. I chose Maricopa Health , as its the only day I can do. 

I will continue to embrace this, and will learn as much as I can. The biggest thing I am getting from this is the medication administration and meds. Pharmacology is such an intense field!  On to the next week… 


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