My new life is starting now

Week 10

on October 19, 2013

Nursing school continues, my grade is hovering around a B and all is well. We’ve switched instructors and have a different instructor with us, a combination of two actually.  We’ve gone over electrolytes, nutrition, pain, perioperative, holism, and im sure im forgetting other stuff. In lecture with this new instructor its been different. Our old instructor lectured the entire four hours with lots of information, this new instructor is fast, and we are generally done in less then two hours . We’ve been to simulation three times now. Each time our class has been split into groups. My group the first week did busy week online, the second week we had our first simulation with the dummies. It was okay, i learned its okay to be assertive and directive in nursing school with yoru fellow classmates. I knew what to do, and softly voiced it, but didn’t make sure it was implamented…so our patient died. We were told we needed to do what i had said…..just not followed through with it. It was so exciting though. That experiance just reiderates how much i want to be an emergency room nurse. The scenerio was you get a patient post op, and he suddenly crashed. We weren’t’ given a good report so we knew nothing. Most were complaining about getting a good report and it was someone elses fault ( op nurse) when in reality as a nurse it doesn’t matter if you have a report or not ,thats the fun part of emergency medicine. You have patients come in and you know absolutely NOTHING. Overall it was a great expierence and i wish we did it ever week!  The third week just two days ago we were back to non simulation dummies, and did foleys, NG, and wound care on the dummies.

Clinicals is going smoothly, We have five more weeks of clinical for the first block. I am steadily getting my skills sheet checked off, on nursing skills that we are doing at the clinical site. We’ve given meds, done wound care, and lots of other basic stuff. For me the only thing that has been new is giving meds, and even that has lost its excitement. I am very blessed and lucky that at my job I do everything we are learning, such as wound care, and foleys and such. The nursing home…or “skilled nursing facility” is just so heart breaking,. People say they can’t work with kids as I do, well i say i can’t work with elders whose family has abandoned them and they ( the patient) is well aware of this. Kids are so resiliant and keep such a good additude. 

Week 11 is coming up and we have an exam on Tuesday, Clinical on Wensd in which our second case study is due ( btw case studies SUCK) and Thursday which i believe is our last day of simulation lab.  Week 12 starts online hybrid days in which we won’t be meeting at the school but doing homework and case studies online through canvas.

We are over half way done with our first block,, and we even have our second block schedule in our hands already. Pending passing of first block, the second block will pretty much be the same schedule, tuesday and thursday..alternating lab and lecture. We will then do 8 weeks of clinicals for med/surg. Followed by two weeks of Peds, and two/three week of OB.  Overall the program has been fair, the instructors are nice and do their job to help us learn. I read alot of horror stories regarding this program and crappy teachers and just how horrile the program was. So far I feel i’ve’ earned my grade, the teachers have been fair and even beyond fair. They give students more then designated time for taking exams, and grade exams fairely. With the exams for example if everyone misses a question, they will give it to us all….due to lack of understanding. They also give you the opportunity to review your exam after taking it, and “explain” your answer.  I am learning alot in this class, and will enjoy every second of it. Its stressful due to knowing any little thing can fail you…and your grades are only based on exams …but if you work hard you will do great! There are people in my class with high A’s, ,and then many who are “failing”. You will earn whatever grade you want. I am happy cruising by my low B. I’ve learned it doesn’t matter here, as long as you pass,  retain and take it with you on the floor you’ve done great. Noone cares what your grade was in nursing school…its how you perform!!!  


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