My new life is starting now

Week 8

on October 3, 2013

I’ve been incredibly busy and unfortunately  haven’t been able to update weekly . I sit here now at my thursday day of week ten waiting for my turn to go tour and do my first simulation lab rotation. Last week (9) was a busy one. Last Tuesday we had an exam on pain, sleep and touching on nutrition. Last Wens day was my third week of clinical and last Thursday we had our lab final. So far all of our labs have been practicums for pass or fail, the final was different. The final was combined into two parts a multiple choice part and a medication math/dosing part. I was very pleased with my grades last week and got well above average on both. 

In clinical I just finished my fourth day yesterday ( week 10). The last two weeks we’ve really gotten to do alot, we have gotten to do lot of medication passes, insulin, and wound changes. I even got to give flu shots. We turned in our first official case study yesterday and will get the grades back on those next week. Im not too confident in my grade on that, but i am also not concerned or worried because it was our first official real life patient case study and there’s 10 more weeks to learn and grow in that area. 

As i stated earlier today is our first day in simulation lab at the college. What I’ve gotten from it is a bunch of computerized dummies that talk , respond , code and act as obnoxious as the precious patients we will encounter in real life! They are taking us back in groups to see the sim lab and do a quick run through on SOMETHING? I look forward to this new step in NURSING SCHOOL. 

Alot of our class is failing and is having to do the student remidal THING? Pretty much what i gather its a course of action to help you get passing again, such as tutoring and meeting with student advisers. With that said I really have to talk about a major ANNOYING part of nursing school. I dont know if its just my school,my class my classmates or if this is all over. Everyone COMPLAINS , they complain about the work load, about the exams, the time consuming aspect of it, they complain about the schedule, having to do more or less, any change, they flipping complain about EVERYTHING. Here is my deal on it…its NURSING school, its the FAST TRACK LPN, you are expected to perform at a FAST TRACK level stfu and do it .This is a small sacrifice we must take to get to where we want to be. The work load will be heavy, it will be difficult but its WORTH IT. I hear classmates complaining about their exam grades but yet saying they don’t have time to do the READING? Really you don’t read your textbook and wonder why your NOT PASSING? Its nursing school you will loose sleep and your mind, but its a short term loss in which the gain is a long term successful life and happy career. You are going to be a nurse you have to be condifent in your work and self, hold your self ACCOUNTABLE. For example the lab final was set for an HOUR. At the end of the hour my teacher gave extra time…and STILL had to argue and take a paper away from a student who wasn’t done. There are certain expectations and as adults you have to accommodate  to those. They complain about last week having tests , exams and case studies…guess what ITS NURSING SCHOOL. ITS COMPETITIVE  If you can’t keep up with the work load maybe you aren’t made to be a nurse.  To get advanced placement into third block of the RN program they take those based on HESI scores and NCLEX scores, if you want to get into third block and get your RN you have to bust your butt and succeed in this field you want to be in.  My personal study methods include reading the chapter thoroughly, writing vocab, doing NCLEX and writing NCLEX questions out ( the ones i missed) . I also will google other NCLEX questions from previous books…and guess what I am SATISFIED with my grade. I have EARNED my grade.  With that all said I just want to repeat its hard, I work two jobs, and dual enrolled in two school, have my little boy to raise and life to live, its hard managing it all . I complain i moan and groan but i suck it up and succeed. I do this because i want to, and nothing will stop me from becoming the successful emergency room nurse I want to be! 

Next week we have an exam on pharmacology, peri-operative care, lab/diagnostic findings,fluids/electrolytes and few other assorted topics. Onward!!!


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