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Stressed to the max

on September 15, 2013

I want to stress I am loving nursing school, this program and cannot believe I am finally where i want to nursing school. With that said….I am completely loosing my mind, I am overloaded with assignments that need to be done by X time, the need to study and the desire to read ahead! Its completely  stressful and crazy. My schedule is insane, Tuesday we have lecture, Wens-day I have twelve hours of clinical now and we have to be at clinical sight at 0530. Thursday is our lab day at the college. On top of my nursing I am taking three other classes so I am full time at two of the community colleges . The load is crazy heavy but I know its worth it, and I will keep treading. I have a case study due, paper on the Eden environment  a medication practicum due next week, and a laboratory presentation ( on liver biopsy) ****BLAH***…due next week as well. With that said, I still have the “maintenance” of nursing school to work on such as reading chapters, studying, vocab and doing NCLEX questions.  Aside from the nursing stuff I have two essays due in one class, and the other two classes have their own individual assignments due for the week..  I know I am completely crazy doing other classes on top of nursing, but i shall keep going, and striving for the best.

Last Wens day we had our first clinical day. We do ours at Phoenix Mountain Nursing Center in Phoenix. Its a hundred some bed, shared living facility. They have different wings such as dementia, rehab,independent living, and skilled nursing. Our first day we just kind of watched everything, helped the CNAS and patients if the need arises  For example I wheeled a few people down to the cafeteria, I helped change a patients brief, made a bed and watched/talked to the LPN on my wing. I really like this place because they use the Eden environmental, which means they have dogs, cats, fish and such running around the facility. You ALL know I found the cat and spent alot of time with “SMOKEY”.As a nursing student I didn’t do anything , I watched the nurse give meds, and explored in that sense. We have to get checked off by our instructor to pass meds  but there’s a big BUT to that. So the SNF has one RN and the rest LPNS, well we as students need an RN to oversee us directly pass meds, so unless our instructor is with us, we won’t be able to pass meds to the residents because there’s only one RN and 10 of us students. I feel that will be a disadvantage to us, but the instructor told us it wont we shall see. I just don’t see what the point of us being there is, if its run by LPNS and we need RNS to check us off . We all got to pick a patient and do a case study on them, I finished my case study and really enjoyed going through the chart and putting that together.I foresee the only things we will be able to do there are injections, wound care, insulin corrections and then all the other CNA stuff. Nonetheless I will enjoy it embrace it as a wonderful learning experience.In the lab in class we’ve been practicing our medication administration  mostly injections, and alot of insulin prep stuff .Learning how to calculate how much insulin to give, drawing it up and administering it into our dummies. We also did some tube placement with our dummies.

I am very bummed and stressing out because i haven’t done very good on my exams except for the first one. I dont know what i am doing wrong as I understand the stuff, and know answers but then i get them wrong on the exam. Its pretty universal though my entire class is struggling right now with exams. The average is a 76. MIND YOU a 76 is needed to pass the class. The teacher reassures us that we will get better and not to stress. I just know i study for hours and hours daily, and yet my test scores reflect someone who isn’t putting any effort into her classes. The teacher tells us its because we are new to the NCLEX style questions, which is what the test are set up as such. Let me just state THE NCLEX SCARES THE BAGEEZLE OUT OF ME. I will just have to study more, keep practicing my NCLEX questions and hang on for this crazy amazing, well earned ride I am on called NURSING SCHOOL.


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  1. I know how you feel. I wish there was another 24 hours in everyday!! Hang in there, it will be all worth it in the end.

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