My new life is starting now


on September 3, 2013

So much has been going on the last week or so since I posted. Last week alone ( our fourth week in) we had three tests!!! Tuesday we had our first nursing theory exam. It was 40 questions long, and was off of twelve chapters. I was very confident going in, and did GREAT! 98% on my first test…HECK YEAH! Thursday we had our first practicum , on the head to toe assessment and cranial nerves. I was a bit thrown off on this one because i thought it was on Friday instead. We also had to wear uniform on Thursday which was a nice change to be “official”. I did great on that as well, and didn’t get any penalties on that. I was super nervous, but it came out the way I had planned, even if my mind was going a mile a minute. On Friday I had the med calc quiz that I had to redo. I had to redo it because i missed one the week before . I got a hundred on it this time ❤ . For the med calc test you have to get them all right, so its pass or fail. You get three chances and if after the third try you dont succeed you get dropped from the course. I am now able to pass meds at my clinicals with my instructor of course:) . Tommorrow ( Tuesday) we have our next exam on Pharmacology . I haven't really studied for it as much as I should have, but shall do fine.
I have yet to meet my clinical instructor, I guess she's been on vacation. Our instructor has been the same lady from the start, but in October we get another instructor. We've met alot of the other instructors already, as some of them come in to help on lab days, to check us off from our skills and such. We've also had a chance to meet others through various times they've come in to meet us. I am very excited to start clinicals September 11th, which is not very far away at all.My clinical site is on Wensdays at Phoenix Mountain nursing center. We were able to choose our clinical sites from three choices, but for me it had to be that one, due to scheduling. Its unfortunate that my schedule was like that because the other two choices were much much closer to Maricopa. But I will survive, heck whats another drive going to do for me. I purchased my first stethescope this week as well. I bought it online on Amazon and it came the very next day! I got a baby blue littmann and so far its helpful i can hear everything i need to. It got good reviews on amazon so I am counting on that.
In lab we have been doing the head to toe assessments and practicing that. We also started medication safety and getting the feel for the med cart and such. I like how we are moving pretty quick, but just hope i retain everything i need to.
I have to go to the book store sometime this week before thursday and buy my tote with all the lab supplies we will need. The tote is part of the required supplies needed and cost 100$. It is a navy blue tote like bag filled with tons of student nursing supplies such as IV bag, IV supplies, fake meds, needles/syringes and such as to play around with in lab. Tommorow I will be busy studying before my test. Wish me luck!!!!!


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