My new life is starting now

Third week into life

on August 21, 2013

Today was my third week of NURSING SCHOOL. I am LOVING every minute of it.We have been going through it pretty fast,I have to be reminded it is a fast track program and we do it well…FAST! On Tuesdays we have lecture and just do power points and lots of talking; alot of unnecessary off topic talking too!! On Thursdays and Fridays we have lab from 8 am to 4pm. I DESPISE driving to downtown Phoenix that early as it seems EVERYONE wants to be downtown by 8am. So far I haven’t really found anyone in my class I really like? Haven’t quite hit it off with anyone yet, I know..CORRECTION WE ALL KNOW I have a hard outer shell. I truly hope to find a couple good girls to get through the next two year with. 

So far its been a breeze. I have known everything, and have had a hard time concentrating. I am making myself get into a strict studying pattern; even with what i think i know. I say I know all of this, but I dont’ want to get blown off course and slapped by reality when i bomb my first quiz.



The only thing I wasn’t quite getting was dosing and medication calculation. As of tonight I am understanding the basis of it, but still having problems with heperin and drips. I will study those all day tomorrow. Our first quiz on med calc is this Friday. We have three tries to get 100% on our quiz, if we don’t get 100 we get dropped from the course. I know I will do GREAT i just have to get it to CLICK! Labs have been going great, we pretty much watch videos of the procedure first, done on REAL people, then go to the sims lab and perform the labs in our groups, and get checked off. So far so GOOD! The last thing we got checked off on was caths. I do caths every day at work so for me it was a breeze. Cath care and sterile field. This my friends is Mr.Smith



Otherwise all is going well. Our first Nursing Theory quiz is on next Tuesday. That will be over 12 chapters and i am ready to ACE IT! I am a bit bummed. I bought a pharm book brand new for $75 off Amazon, only to find out they wrote the wrong book on the book list, so now im out of most of my money. I can sell it back but for for only $21. That also leaves me having to buy a new book, which is a bit more expensive too. This whole nursing school thing is REALLY draining my pockets, but i KNOW it will be worth it. I can’t express how grateful I am to finally be here, my FIRST BLOCK of nursing school. I love it, am embracing it and will get the very best of out it . 


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