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First day of Lab

on August 11, 2013

Friday I had my first full day of lab. A whole eight hours of good stuff. The first half of the morning we talked about expectations, did not some math calculations for medications, went over our books and what was expected at clinical. We had a one hour long lunch followed by labs. My only complaint of the day was the amount of breaks and time we did nothing. I hope that was only because it was our first day, but we took the hour lunch and a ton of 10/15 minute breaks. What a FREAKING WASTE. Our lab for the first day consisted of going into the lab at the skills center, and doing CNA skills check off. We were broken off into groups and each had one skill. My group had most mortem care which of course was super easy compared to the others.

I am so nervous about medication calculations. I am horrible at math, and it gives me such anxiety. We have our first med calc quiz in two week. We only have three attempts to pass the med calc test or we can’t continue. I guess this makes sense because we can’t get any med calc wrong on NCLEX, so I suppose it’s getting us ready for that. Today I have been practicing med cal and have been unsuccessful in understanding it. I will struggle with this surely, but I WILL OVERCOME. Monday I will call the college and make an appointment with a nursing tutor to get the hang of it. I will also plan to visit the library at the college and see if there are any books specifically on med calc. I’ve looked on Amazon but I just don’t want to buy anything extra right now. I want to make a study group that meets every week, but no luck so far. Everyone is really quite so far so we shall see how it goes. I am at work right now. Ive read the first chapter and did some review questions.  And have extensively been fighting these dang med calc problems with no success…wish me LUCK.


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