My new life is starting now


on August 9, 2013

Checking in after my orientation day ONE. I am so nervous about this, but even more I am filled with complete excitement and desire! The first day was really good; I was able to have all my questions answered except for one that I forgot. We were given our clinical sites for the first semester, which is great! For the day cohert we were given three choices, but for my work schedule it only came down to one choice. I will be doing my clinicals starting September 11th at the Phoenix Mountain Nursing Center in Fountain Hills. It’s about an hour from my house, but then again EVERYTHING is about an hour from Maricopa.  It seems to be pretty strict, but I think that’s a good thing, it will weed out the ones who don’t need to be there. We were given our book list and I am thrilled to announce less than 24 hours after getting my book list I have purchased all the required textbooks for a total of $283, instead of the $622 the bookstore wanted. Four of the books are brand new from Amazon, and the other two are used from Craigslist, that was a giant relief for me.
So I want to share my goals, my short term goals for my career and education. I was able to bypass the 3 year wait to get into the RN program by taking this LPN program through Gateway Community; which is one of the Maricopa Community Colleges. This is a fast track program, so I will graduate with my Practical Nursing Certificate May 2014 (God willing that is). I will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX PN after that. I am hoping to be able to obtain employment as a LPN at Banner, but still keep working as an ED tech at Phoenix Children’s Hospital until I finish and get my RN. My next immediate goal is to apply to jump into block three right away…now the exciting part about this is; the director told us yesterday that EVERY PERSON who applied to get into the third block GOT IN RIGHT AWAY! If this continuse to be my luck when I get there, I will have graduated with my RN in two years, four semesters and just as long as everyone else! This is also a less expensive route , and as I pay for college out of pocket sans financial aid…I need less expensive.  At completion of my RN if I can get employment immediately at either Banner or Phoenix Children’s  I will stay in the Phoenix Area and utilize my employers grant to get my BSN. It will take me a little longer to achieve the ultimate short term goal of a BSN, but I will do it and graduate with NO NO NO NO NO NO DEBT! Meaning….When I graduate all my hard worked time will have PAID OFF. I will God willing have amazing experience coming into a nurse. I will have had all my tech experience, a year’s worth of LPN experience and all the desire in my heart.  Back to business, so my entire passing or failing grade is based off my tests and quizzes. None of my homework, activities, clinicals or time is graded; the ONLY grades will be coming from my exams….AHHH! I can see the good and bad aspect of that. The teachers reasoning for this are she doesn’t want to be liable for our grades and or passing. She wants our passing OR FAILING to be a direct result of our own work. Well done teach…well done. I am also pretty excited we don’t have to wear uniform unless we are on clinicals . We are just to wear something comfortable since we will be in labs mostly and Sims doing procedures and stuff on each other. We can even wear open toed shoes in lab…WAHOO!!! The negative part of our uniforms is well…WHITE pants BOO! The teacher was even sure to add…make sure you don’t wear those cute red or cute black sting thongs because we WILL see and we DONT WANT TO see it. I am not a fan of white pants at all, but I will suck it up. The shirts are disgusting vomit green, with the nursing program on the shirt. We have to special orders those…$27 EACH. We also got surprised with a drug test mandatory within the next 36 hours. I went to get mine done today, I had my credit card and ID in hand…come to find out they ONLY accept cash; EXACT change.My books should be here Saturday as I ordered them with two day shipping.

Starting next week my life is going to be completely crazy, upside down, lonely and I will probably be going insane..but i will LOVE and EMBRACE every second of it. I work Mondays, Tuesdays I have Nursing Lecture for four hours, then 2 hours of another class. Wensdays I will have clinicals from 7A to 7P starting in September, Thursdays is LAB/Sims day, and Friday is 8 hour class/lecture days and I work after. I work every other weekend MANDATORY so every other weekend I will have two day off to spend the entire 48 hours with Cristian…yeah remember in the middle of all of this, I have a perfect 6 year old son I would like to see every so often ❤ . Through all of this craziness I am so thankful to have the support of my family and friends. I am thankful for the Turflers who take care of and love my son while I am out changing the world for us. I am so grateful for my friends who have all offered to help in any way they can. My family back east has been very supportive as well, and I am just soaking in all the kind thoughts .


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