My new life is starting now

on August 9, 2013


Maricopa Community College has at least 500 nursing students in any given semester!

                No wonder there’s a three year waitling huh

The average RNs salary is 78k with California ranking highest at 90k and Idaho lowest at 50k.

                Moneys not everything

74% of nurses report being assaulted at work, by a patient.

Just last week I had a patient attempt to stab me with a shank they had made out of a spoon.

Three out of five nurses work in the hospital

 I LOVE the hospital setting, atmosphere and workplace!

Florence Nightingale, the most famous nurse in modern history, was only a nurse for three years.

She just went with the FLO

A mere Century ago nurses were not allowed to marry, get pregnant or anything that would interfere with their job.

Ekk I am now divorced and have had two pregnancies.

80% of ED nurses believe the moons phases affect patients.

That is a FACT in my book! Full moon means crazy night at work<<always!

The average nurse walks four miles a day


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