My new life is starting now


on August 7, 2013

Today is August 7th roughly 4:01am. I am currently at work on the post-partum floor at Ironwood and my mind is going a mile a minute. In about 12 hours I will be leaving for my first day of nursing school. Sure it’s more of an orientation, but it’s my first day! Orientation was supposed to be on Monday, but it was moved last minute to today (Wednesday) I just can’t believe this day is here! I’ve been doing a lot of reading on other peoples experiences with Gateways LPN program and I am a bit nervous. I was reading the first test is two weeks in and covers 13 chapters! The second covers 22 chapters, o my goodness gracious! Bring it though; I have worked so hard and have wanted this for so long and it’s finally here! I will study my butt off and work so hard; I know it will pay off. I am nervous, a 76 is passing and a 75.9 is failing. Of course that weeds out the ones who don’t need to be in healthcare. I will update everyone on every exciting, nerve wracking breath taking event that happens from here on out!!! Let’s get this started my friends.


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